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'Globalization' is a simple way of describing the spread of communication and technologies across the world. As the store of knowledge expands throughout the world, all of the world’s people should have as much access as possible. There are a range of new technologies and techniques such as the Internet, World Wide Web and other electronic media forms that allow for the dissemination of data, information and knowledge. These advanced information and communications technologies can provide a new learning system that aid professors and students in breaking the boundaries of space and time and assist students in gaining the skills and abilities and utilise knowledge contained in various forms in our global. I believe there is a need for enhanced virtual and networked activity to support learning and share our knowledge especially in some developing countries! After many years working in industry and university, I have decided to share my knowledge and experience with all students in the world who study Electrical Engineering. Now, it is not a dream anymore! In this website, you can virtually attend my lectures, tutorials and also access to the lecture notes